Kirsty Fielder

Since the age of 6 Kirsty has been making and decorating celebration cakes. Born in Great Yarmouth and growing up kirsty dreamt of opening a tea room and celebration cake company. In 2014 this dream came true.  This was mainly fuelled by her grandfather who owned the Tolhouse Tea Rooms.

Kirsty began her career as a baker at the age of 15 making and decorating celebration cakes for a  bakery in Gorleston.

After 2 years she juggled full time work at the bakery and going to college where she obtained  multiple qualifications in various disciplines of catering.

Kirsty went on from here to kick off a 9 year career as a chef in various 4 star hotels around norfolk becoming a very sought after chef .  Kirsty was head hunted by a hotel in holland to be their head chef this was an oppourtunity she could not turn down.

Even the lure of the european hotel scene couldn't quell the desire to go back to her patisserie routes. Kirsty came back to the u.k and worked at Palmers  in great yarmouth making all of the cakes for the coffee shop and celebration cakes. Instantly  Kirsty realised she was in the right line of work again .

After 3  years at Palmers Kirsty's  dreams of opening a tea rooms  took a turn for the better with her perfect property becoming available. Kirsty dreamt as a child of opening an ''Old English Tea Rooms'' in an historic building. Anna Sewell House became available this was too good to be true surely.

Over the last 9 years Kirsty's reputation has gone from strength to strength and Anna Sewell House could no longer cope with the demand for space, sadly her bsuiness had outgrown the smaller property. Perfectly timed was the opening of the vicarage community hub just 2 doors down, working with the team here Kirsty found a new much larger home increasing her seating covers from 12 down stairs and 12 upstairs to being able to cater functions of up to 60 seated. 

The property owner shared Kirsty's ideology of good products for reasonable prices and providing the people of Great Yarmouth with the local tea rooms owned by a local family  it has lacked  since the closing of The Tolhouse tea rooms and Anna Sewell House.


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